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Duties of Commodore

The Commodore sets the overall annual committee agenda (consistent with the views of members), helps the committee prioritise its goals and then keeps the committee on track by working within that overall framework. Chair committee meetings and direct their activities. Responsibilities and duties.

The Commodore should:

  • Schedule & manage committee meetings
    • If unavailable arrange alternate chair
  • Put together agendas for meetings
  • Responsible for the overall running of the Club
  • Manage the annual general meeting
  • Manage any Special General Meetings
  • Promote and develop increased club membership
  • Represent the club at Official functions
  • Act as a facilitator for club activities
  • Ensure the planning and budgeting for the future is carried out in accordance with the wishes of the members
  • Representation or arrange representation for (Yachting Victoria, Yachting Westernport Government etc)
  • Direction and strategy
  • Member’s issues and programs
  • Represent CYC or arrange representation at other Yacht Opening days. The days include all YW member clubs as well as sister clubs
  • Arrange CYC publicity where possible and appropriate through local papers
  • Chair Opening Day at CYC
  • Chair & attend Commodores welcome
  • Ensure compliance with all regulatory authorities

Knowledge and skills required

Ideally the Commodore is someone who:

  • Can communicate effectively
  • Is well informed of all organisational activities
  • Is aware of the future directions and plans of members
  • Has a good working knowledge of the constitution, rules and the duties of all office holders and subcommittees
  • Is a supportive leader for all organisations' members