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Sponsors and Supporters of Cowes Yacht Club

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Cowes Yacht Club would like to thank the generous support of our sponsors.

Cowes Yacht Club is situated on a majestic north facing beach on Phillip Island. The club house stands proud with views to the Mornington Peninsula. The club house is proud and so are its many family members of the sailing club that has been created over a long history. With beginnings back in the 50’s to current day, the Cowes Yacht Club is a very active and progressive sailing club.
Cowes Yacht Club thrives with an extensive sailing program to cater for off the beach boats and trailer yachts. Amongst the many in-house sailing events that fill the sailing calendar there are the special events held around Westernport which Cowes Yacht Club supports.

Cowes Yacht Club regards safety as paramount with not only the sailing events that it caters for but also many community projects and fund raising events it gets requested to assist with and on some occasions run!
The members fully support these events within the community as we see Cowes Yacht Club as an important integral part of Phillip Island and the surrounding local area.

As well as being involved with community events the Cowes Yacht Club provides an invigorating and popular sail training program. The Cowes Yacht Club sail training program is an accredited sail training course by Yachting Victoria. It is an important structure to the Cowes Yacht Club as it helps provide training and introduction of sailing to both juniors and adults. Many of the students that take on the sailing course are members and a wider section is from the local community and holiday makers from Melbourne and surrounding areas. As with most holiday destinations Phillip Islands population expands dramatically over the summer holiday period.

Cowes Yacht Club is currently in the process of expanding its sail training program where new training yachts, sailing equipment and safety gear need to be purchased. This is a heavy burden on a sailing club as Cowes Yacht Club is a not for profit organization with a community focus and driven by a passionate group of sailing volunteers.
Like most clubs, Cowes Yacht Club relies on sponsorship and donations to help the club function with all the amenities and equipment that the club needs to maintain in a functional and safe standard.

So if you would like to also be involved and help support a progressive and inspiring sailing club we would be most interested and appreciative of you support, wether it great or small.

Please contact the club through the contact page and we would be happy to discuss your involvement with the Cowes Yacht Club.

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Cowes Yacht Club and the Community

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